Why You Should Automate Your Garage Door

If you have been thinking about updating your garage door, you should definitely consider automatic doors. This useful upgrade can often be overlooked by those who are used to their traditional manual door, or don't realise the various benefits automation can bring. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of an automatic garage door.


The most obvious benefit, and the one that you will appreciate day-to-day, is the added convenience that automation brings. An automatic garage door is operated simply with a remote, allowing you to get in and out of your garage with the minimum amount of hassle. This can be a very welcome feature if it's a rainy day or if you have kids in the car and you don't want to have to get out just to open the garage door.

The easy operation can also be greatly appreciated by those who struggle to lift a manual garage door. Automation removes the need for any physical exertion and can, therefore, be a blessing for those with any physical ailments.


An automatic garage door provides an additional aspect of security for your garage which can be particularly desirable if your garage is connected to your home. Only someone with the correct remote control will be able to open your door.

Automated garage doors remove the need for a lock and handle to be affixed. The lock on a manual door is often a weak spot which is exploited during break ins, therefore removing the necessity of this part can actually boost garage security.


Compared to the simplistic mechanism of a standard garage door, automated doors offer enhanced safety features. With a manual door, you run the risk of its full weight hitting a person or object and causing great injury, should they accidentally be in its path when closing. However, automatic doors come with safety features fitted to prevent such disasters. If the door comes into contact with any object when closing, it will retract, avoiding any potential damage. This can be especially worthwhile if you have children and pets around.


Many people believe that your choice of door will be restricted if you choose to automate your garage: this is incorrect. Due to the demand for automated doors and the innovation of manufacturers, any style – from roller doors to up and over doors – can be remote operated. Automation can even be achieved ad-hoc. This means that if your current door is still in good condition, rather than buying another new door you can potentially just automate your existing one.